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multi-functional mixed frame tent

  • Brief Introduction:
  • Mixed Tents are tents in different shapes combined together for party or other events. We can mix several tents that you like to make an entire new outlook for a st...
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    • multi-functional mixed frame tent
    • multi-functional mixed frame tent
    • multi-functional mixed frame tent
  • Product Description
  • Technical Parameters

Product Size

Width: from 3 meters to 15meters

Length: Unlimited, extended by 3m/5m each bay

Eave height: standard from 2.5m, 3m, 4m upon span width (or special height per requested)

Frame part

 1) The main parts are made of aluminum alloy and the spare part are made of steel.

 2) All aluminum components are technically anodized and all steel parts are well hot-dip galvanized。

Cover Part

 1) The roof and sidewall cover are made of double coated PVC fabric.

 2) The fabrics have waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant to DIN4102, M2 and Grade B1, tear resistant, self-cleaning ability, etc.

 3) The weight of fabric is from 650g/sqm to 950g/sqm。

Optional accessories

  1)White PVC cover(roof + sidewalls)
  2)Clear PVC cover(roof + sidewalls)
  3)White PVC wall with clear windows
  4)Wall: Glass wall with windows, Sandwich walls, ABS walls, Steel panel walls
  5)Door: glass door, metal door, shutter door, sliding door, etc
  6)Flooring system
  7)Lining and curtain
  8)Other suppliers, such as door canopy, chairs, tables, lighting, etc

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